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The power of the Image!

"A picture is worth a thousand words" (Frederick R. Barnard, USA, Dec 1921).

This adage is especially true when it comes to hotel, resort, restaurant, bar, club or food pictures.

Pictures definitely convey information more efficiently and effectively than words do, and especially today are more powerful than ever before.

So hospitality business owners should be aware that photography can be the difference with a competitor, for nothing more than the competitor’s photography is more appealing.

Seasoned travellers, for example, search and compare hotels online before making a reservation and photos definitely create the first impression for them. Hotel images can either persuade or discourage guests from booking a room. The photographs featured on the site should convey the experience guests can expect when staying in the hotel.

The same happens with shorter reservations, like for example for entertainment or food (bars, night-clubs, restaurants).

Images are (or can be) just realistic photos, but good (live) pictures have become advertisement tools used to elicit specific and planned emotional reactions to the people who see them. Subconscious emotions are considered as the second most powerful factor (after word of mouth and third party suggestions) in persuasive advertising and play a major role in influencing customers in their decision process.

Studies have shown that the photo gallery sections of a website receive an average of 98% of “clicks” by visitors who book online. Experts in Hospitality Traffic Building truly believe and advocate that one of the most important and effective ROI marketing investment any owner of a business like this can make is for truly professional quality images.

Any hospitality business owner looking to ramp up his business should look at new photography as a good place to start. Investing in professional photography and choosing the right images that show off the business’s values and services, can advance the online marketing to another level and can increase online conversion rate and overall revenue.

We are providing architectural photographic commercial services (interior & exterior images for professional and not only properties) as: Hotels & Resorts, Restaurants, Night Clubs & Bars, Houses and working places like Offices or Factories.

imagIN photography can really advance Your Image and Your Business!

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